MeMeMe Productions & Decode Entertainment Australia: ABC

United Kingdom: BBC CBeebies

United States: PBS Kids Sprout

Dirtgirl is a gumboot-wearing girl who grows awesome tomatoes, knows cloud names and drives a big orange tractor. dirtgirl's backyard is full of friends. There's scrapboy, her best friend, who's a whiz with junk, grubby with her grub’s eye view, ken the weevil, a super stunt star with a healthy fear of heights, roger the rooster and the chicks, hayman, the monosyllabic scarecrow and the greenthumbs...real kids in real gardens having unreal fun.

dirtgirlworld is a celebration of life outside. It's a place of bizarre insects, underground tunnels, vaudevillian trained chickens and performing stunt bugs.

Funky pop songs, guitars with attitude, beats, grooves and loops all blended with a tractor, make up the infectiously cool music in dirtgirlworld.

This musicentric series explores the natural world and invites the audience to 'go get grubby' in the big world outside. dirtgirlworld is a place where we find out that we protect what we love.

As dirtgirl says...'it's all about balance'.

Made for 4 - 7 year olds, dirtgirlworld takes this audience to a world where real and unreal hang out together.

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